Tavia Rose

6 Years
May 24, 2017
I just hatched 6 babies. The other 5 are perfect (besides the one with the crested Gene)but, this one who pushed out on her own, has a very different chirp, has the most beautiful color combination I've seen on any of my baby ducks, and the worst is she has a deformed leg. The joint at the tibia and Metatarsus is twisted or something. Looks like she may have ran outta room in her egg and it just bent over inward and stayed like that. She is trying to hop around on one leg and I AM NOT going to cull her. I'm going to try to find a good avian vet in my area and see if I can create some type of modification for her to use as she grows. I honestly think a good vet could untwist it and put a cast on it. When she is older I want to buy a 3d printed silicone cast or something she can put over it. She will never be in the wild and she will never be bred. I think it is a she bc she gets loud and talks the most. I've been spot on with the sexing predictions so far. I didn't see alot of info on this so I'm going to post her pics and the journey and hope I can help her survive this.


Hi guys, sorry this is the third thread im posting to about this, but this looks like what im dealing with too, anyone live aroubd bethel, oh area, know if rolling hills would treat this, its sunday and theyre closed, gonna call tomorrow know matter what

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