Baby duckling bad accident


5 Years
Sep 26, 2014
Okay I copied and pasted this but it is now the next morning since this happened please someone help.
As I was cleaning my house I allowed my best friend to take my duckling "baby Mallard" outside to hunt!! We have about 5 lb rocks that we flip and allow him to eat the crickets, she came running in saying he's hurt, the rock rolled over on his precious little leg, which is broken I'm pretty sure, at the hip!! I am flipping out as I've grown to love him so much this past month, he's my baby!! It barely got his head, which has a tiny little piece of skin peeled back no blood, but the leg is obviously broken at hip, as the rock must have caught it tere!! He isn't screaming he did scream out but hasn't since it happened, I've kept it's leg soaked with Epsom salt rag now for an hour, my son is freaking out he is 6 and I am about to faint I just need some help please!! If I had the money we would have been to the Vet by now please help me!! Someone.... And it is swollen a bit not wry badly but it is, and what can I give him or help him with his pain and his leg!? I want him to live I'm gonna freak
It is now the morning after and I swear you'd never know anything was different in the duck he acts so normal aside from him not using his right leg it is just drawed up and the bottom part if he moves it just stays, he's not using the foot or have any control over it either!! But aside from all this you'd never know he is eating great, drinking and he has minimal swelling even. I wish someone could help me I'm begging for some sort of help!! I am gonna try and gather up some money from the family beings I will be paid Friday and then I'd e able to go to the vet as for now though I don't want to miss anything important and him not get help soon enough. There is NO blood in stool or anything at all for that matter. His little neck on the same side is a little red from it rolling I him, but he's doing great it seems aside from the leg I need help with this.. Thank you all so much.
Hello, one thing you might try is the Duck Forum (you may have posted there already, if so I apologize for the repeat).

Anyway, it does sound like a serious injury and a vet would be best. At the same time, there are some things for you to consider.

One is that ducklings can recover from very serious injury, given half the chance.

See if you can gently feel the differences between the legs and identify if it's a break or not.

Vet wrap can be a decent cast or splint for injured limbs - big concern there is not to wrap too tightly and cut off circulation.

An Epsom salt compress would probably help. E.s. is a laxative so I do no recommend putting the duckling in a small tub with it in the water. I think it would be better to put a few tablespoons of Epsom salt in some warm (80˚F) water, then soak a clean rag or paper towel in the water and wrap the leg all the way up to the body and hold the duckling like that for ten to twenty minutes (if possible - they sure can wiggle).

And if you could, post over on the Duck Forum. We can probably get some other minds working on this situation.


A helpful web page for leg injuries is

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