Baby geese newbie


7 Years
Mar 4, 2012
Bixby, Ok.
I bought 2 new baby geese at our feed store. The owner didn't know what breed they are but couldn't resist. They talked and talked to me and walked right up to me. I am hooked on these little creatures!! And funny to watch, oh my goodness, I know where the term 'silly goose' came from now.
Anyway, they are about 3 weeks old now, several questions:
1. When can I turn them out in their own pen? They are currently in the largest dog crate I could buy in my den.
2. When can I give them their own pool?(with ramps of course)
3. They won't go out and forage and play on their own, only if I am with them. If they see me go in the house they lay down by the door and stay there until I go back out. How long will that last?
4.They are currently eating starter chick feed, non medicated. How long do I feed that and what do I change to if anything and do I need to add anything else?
Thanks so much in advance, I love love love these 2 little stinkers, and I mean little stinkers, messy messy messy.
BTW, I have some chickens that I hope to let all of them run together eventually.

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