Baby goat with loose stools over week now.. Help

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    Hi I have 2, 7 week old drawf pigym goats, which one has had loose stools for over a week now. She seems to be acting just fine, playing with her sister and eating good. They are on replacment powder milk so bottle fed and offered hay. We have had the goats about 3wk.
    One of the goats now has very loose stools?? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    Sit tight...someone may be along shortly with advice, but if I were you, I would also post this same question over on BYC's sister site.
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    Sep 21, 2013
    oh great thank you!!
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    I would gradually switch her to cow's milk from the supermarket and take a stool sample to the vet. Chances are she has coccicia. Corrid doesn't work in goats. A 5 day treatment with a Sulfa drug does the trick. I used sulmet and mixed it in the milk. It tastes terrible, but if the kid is hungry it will drink the medicated milk.

    Good luck.
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