Baby Guinea was stuck in garden wire!!!


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Sep 7, 2010
I left the house super early this morning and just found one of our 13 week old guineas hung with his wing and head through the wire. I cut the wire so not to cause more trauma and brought him inside. he opens his eyes and can still hold his head up but don't know if he's going to make it :( I have him in a milk crate with a towel and the crate on top of a heating pad on low. He is cold it is about 59 out side so wanted to get him warmed a little...

Any ideas of anything else I could do ?

Hello, I rescue ill injured and orphaned wildlife often. Does he have any opened wounds that you can see? You are doing the right thing by keeping him warm. He might be dehydrated so I would offer him some luke-warm water. If he does not drink then get a small (1cc-5cc) syringe and try hand hydrating him with warm gatorade, do NOT use a needle syringe for this unless your bird is in need of immediate hydration! I would keep him inside for the rest of the day and night, and you can let him back outside tomorrow as long as he seems fine and does not have any opened wounds that need time to heal. Good luck!
thank you hannah. i will try that right away. he's still just laying there not interested in feed or water so will try the syringe.
thanks so much!
Good luck! Just to let you know he prob wont like the syringe too much and you are going to have to force him to drink it, just be careful not to force to much down his neck at once because he could chock.
oh and yes i forgot to mention he does not appear to have any open wounds thank goodness.
Justin laying there sleeping now no movement other than breathing :( How can animals just lay around like this??? It's beyond sad for me not to mention my pregnancy hormones... I don't feel like I'm doing enough :(
I have had em get hung up before, mine did the same thing till the next day ,seems like when they woke the next day they relized they were not trapped and started walking around like nothing was ever wrong.
How did he do with the gatorade? Theres not really much else you can do for him, just wait till tomorrow and see how he is! Im sure he will be fine :)

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