baby hatched but didnt adsorb their yolk!! please help

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    Jul 2, 2010
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    so i had an egg peep yesterday i noticed early this morning that it still did not make it out and i took a look and noticed that he was stuck and the sack was dry so i helped him out and it looks great but on its bottom the yolk is dried what do i do? will it come of on its own? should i give it back to their mom to fix it? please help!!!!
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    Feb 1, 2010
    Sometimes there is still a bit of unabsorbed yolk - it all depends on how large it is. If it is relatively small and drying up, leave it. It will shrivel and fall off on its own. If it is larger, then you will need to figure out if you think the chick can survive and you may need to provide some supportive care until it has either absorbed some more or the yolk has fallen off.

    If you had the chicks under a broody and the yolk is small, then I would put it back. If you had it in an incubator, then I wouldn't give it to a hen. She woudl likely sense weakness [​IMG]
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    I would not give it back to the mom as she will most likely rupture the sac. I would GENTLY dampen the yolk with warm water, place in a humid incubator and lay it on a nice warm, wet paper towel in the bator. Just leave it be as you don't want it to snag the sac with a toenail. I have had this happen on several occasions and usually the warm, wet paper towel and humiidty help it to absorb the yolk. Good luck!

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