Baby pekins for sale Indiana


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11 Years
May 22, 2008
We have baby pekins just hatched today. We have 6 so far but a few more are on the way. They are $3.00 each. We also have a baby mallard (I think) that my husband found running around the parking lot where he works. Looks to be a few days old, it is in with the baby pekins right now. I have pictures if you are interested. We are in Sharpsville 46068.

Thank you,
Hello, do you still have those Pekin Ducklings for sale ? I'd really be interested since I lost my girls to a coyote, and My drake is lonely. Have since repaired the fence, re-inforced the house, and believe it to be as critter proof as I can get it. We are in Beecher Il., 10 minutes from Cedar Lake, Please let me know & I will PM my #

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