Baby Pheasant


8 Years
May 28, 2011
Someone just brought me a baby pheasant an hour ago. I've never owned pheasants, just ducks and chickens. Right now I have it set up in a tank and a heat lamp. It has feathers on it's wings, so maybe you can guess the age for me by that? I'm trying to find my digital camera adapter so I can post a picture. I need all the advice you can give me for raising this little guy/girl.
By a heat lamp.You don't mean a 250 watt red heat light do you?If so take it off or you will cook it.If it has feathers,it should be fine without heat ecspecially if it was outside and just lost it's mom.Do not feed it mash it needs gamebird crumbles if it will even eat at all.
In N.H.,Tony.
No, it's not that kind of heat lamp. I'll take the heat lamp off. I'll go get the food tomorrow morning. Thank you

Edit: So it isn't eating and seems to be getting weaker. I found out it's a Turkey. There's a wildlife rehabilitation center nearby I'm taking it to, I think it's better for him/her.
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