Baby quail tipping over

Oct 13, 2020
Hi everyone I have a question my baby quail are tipping over then sometimes they lay in a dead position look
Sometimes my quails would get stuck under the paper towel, watch out for that
"When quail don't consume enough water they can suffer from nerve damage and will often be unsteady or fall over. Sometimes they even walk backward or get weird twitches too. Nerve damage can heal in some cases but often the birds have to be put down."
Possibly try magic water
"Simply fill your one-gallon glass jar with warm water, add the honey, apple cider vinegar, and smashed garlic and allow to steep. The best scenario would be to make your magic water the evening before your chicks will arrive. Making it ahead allows the garlic to steep in the warm water and the whole mixture to be stronger."
I’m sorry to say the to baby quail that were sick died this afternoon while we were at school they were 4 days old but we knew they were struggling, at least the can rest now😭😭😭
Get them eating and drinking by tapping the food and water every time you check on them. They often don't automatically learn how to do those things and some wait for a parent to show them even if their siblings are all eating and drinking. But sometimes they just don't seem to recover from hatching, and no matter what you try they do seem to weaken and die, especially in those first 4 days. It's not unusual so try not to beat yourself up. :hugs
I have a similar problem hope it's ok to post it in here.

I've had two chicks die both were about two days old I found them both on their back struggling, Is the cause of death because they've been on their back too long? the one that just died today was kind of stuck in a gap I turned it back but it died shortly after.

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