Baby silkies? or showgirls? (no pics :( )


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I bought 6 baby silkies 2 weeks ago. I have decided that none of them have 5 toes. I built a new pen for them and their BTW jap buddies. Lots more elbow room. They were walking around, scratching and stretching, exploring their new home. I noticed that some of them have bare necks! Not sure if they are totally bare, but the 2 that I noticed did look like they were completely bare. They aren't fully feathered yet, so I was wondering if they might be showgirls? Or did they just rub their fuz off?
baby silkies hatch fully feathered and showgirls hatch naked neck or naked neck with a bowtie in front. they look like that from hatch to adults. both should have 5 toes and black skin.

if u want to see pics of showgirl babies check out my first website link in my siggy. i have showgirls in white, splash, blue and partridge if u look in albums there is baby pics in there.

from what u r saying they sound like showgirls unless they r fuzzy necks which can happen with lower generations. a fuzzy neck looks like a mix of both, it has to much neck feathering to be a showgirl but does have a few naked spots so it's not full silkie either. see if the pics help u to tell at all.
Hmmm...Well these guys look totally covered until they stretch their necks. It looks like showgirls' faces are part bare too. My babies do have black skin, but don't think they have 5 toes. I read that they can have 1 with 4 and 1 with 5? Not sure if any have 5 though. They are in a pretty big pen now, and I can't fit more than an arm or two in it. Should have looked closer before letting them 'baby chicky free range'!
sounds like they r bearded showgirls but without pics i honestly can't say for sure. they r probably from a bowtied non bearded showgirl to a bearded silkie mateing. i say that because it sounds bearded but not comepleatly bearded, sometimes it is a bald spot between the beard.
then those showgirls need bred back to silkies to better the beards for later generations.

with silkies and showgirls it is possible to have odd amounts of toes but their standard for their breeds is 5 on each foot.

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