Baby sultan with twisted beak


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10 Years
May 9, 2009
Its not doing to well, got it 2 days ago. Ive read some threads on it. Whats a good way to force feed? i got a eye drop for water mixed with some sugar and electrolytes. Any other suggestions...Its really tired and doesnt move alot.
I Am putting mashed egg into the eye dropper and slowly getting a little down here throat, so far she has just pooped water...I dont wanna lose her. I dont want her to suffer either but i think i can save her
Do what you think is right. Bare in mind, however, that this will only get worse as age increases. Even if you file down the beak.

Try getting the chick feed and adding it with water until it gets mushy. Or smashing up a few cheerios and mixing it with water as well. If she's suffering now, you may have something to think about.
I always do what i can to help chicks, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

How old is she?
Can she eat anything on her own?

This happens a lot with polish, but they can eat on there own.
She is 2 days old, I have not seen here eat, although im not watching here 24/7, I am now tho..she looked dead when i saw her, I tried feeding here for about 45 mins and probaly got a half peanut size of food down her. Shes been resting and she finally got to her feet a few mins ago but still does not look good
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