Baby Sultans seem lethargic


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May 9, 2015
Just brought home 2 sultan chicks. They were active at the feed store but seem pretty lethargic now that they're home. Is this common for the breed? We've had americaunas and wyandottes and they were more active the first day home. Chicks are approx 1 week old. Any advice would be very welcome - thanks!
Give them ELECTROLYTES asap!

This is what we use from TSC, it's called Vitamins and Electrolytes by Durvet The pro-biotic couldn't hurt either! We give newborns that for a few weeks as they can dehydrate quick under the heat/brooder lights...

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Thank you
. I offered them the electrolyte solution - have to dip their beaks. They seem completely wiped out. They perk up when held, and when brought out of the brooder. Could they be exhausted and maybe a bit depressed from the transition? The trip to bring them home took over an hour.
My chicks were very active the day they arrived while gorging themselves and drinking a lot. Then very much the opposite by the following day. Shipping is exhausting. I kept some electrolyte/probiotic water with them for the first few days. I'd keep an eye out for pasty butt and give them a few to adjust.
If they perk up out of the brooder my first thought is overheating. Do they have space totally, completely off it from under the heat at room temperature?

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