Baby with drinking problem??


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Mar 17, 2008
This is my first year raising chicks--we picked up 9 from the Feed Store on Friday....

We have 1 BO that eats just fine but when she drinks she takes a sip, cranes her neck really far back and opens her beak a few times. Then she puts her head back down and does the whole process again. She almost falls over from all the craning.

Do I need to do something? She seems fine in all other regards. In fact, she is the one pecking on everyone else.

We also lost one already (araucana). She had a fingernail-sized piece of shell adhered to the umbilical area...she seemed very drowsy and had a bit of pasty butt, which I cleaned for her. I initially tried to remove the shell because I thought it was a pine shaving, but stopped when I realized it was eggshell.

Anyone else have either of these problems? Other than that they seem fine...


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Jan 26, 2007
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1. I've had plenty of chicks do the neck craning routine. Not to worry there.

2. Pasty butt can be cleared up quickly by feeding yogurt. Stabilizes the digestive system.

3. Running a little warm water over the shell will help it release. Chick may have hatched a little to the dry side.

4. Aren't they a little young to be going to the bar?

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