Back again, this time pipping issue.. need a little advice


Sep 25, 2018
Hello everyone,

hatching polish frizzzles again, only 2 eggs viable Out of 6 by lockdown . day 21 today and one has pipped externally the other was tweeting and rocking last night around 9pm now 6pm today and still no progress although I can still here it peeping.
how long to maybe I interviene ?

thanks for looking or any help and advice .

We dropped it in the hole made to add water, with a sort of squirt bottle with a long, pointed extension....I kept it at 75% for lockdown. I don't know about actually spraying the eggs. You can also drop in a folded, wet paper towel to add humidity.
I never mist chicken eggs. What incubator are you using? I have seen people add wet sponges.

I usually keep the hatching incubator in the bathroom and can run some hot water in the shower if I need to bring the humidity up or open the lid.
So, I just scraped a hole and looks like success, see his little beak poking through. Put it back in the incubator and now waiting.
just to confirm , how long roughly will I monitor it and see if its capable of zipping before I interviene the again, hope I don’t have too,

thanks again for looking and any help

kelly :)
Anyone ? I got one chick hatched and the other I made a hole is being a quiet .. how long should I leave him before I attempt a assist hatch ?

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