back again


8 Years
Jan 7, 2012
Hi I'm back and just today I am winter mommy of 18 black hens. My 3 buff rock ladies have been extra cuddly worried I might forget about them. They perched in front of the doors of the barn and literally 2 of them crawled into my arms. They sure stand out with their golden silky sheen among those ragged black girls. I put 2-3 garbage cans of fresh raked leaves in the big pen along with fresh pumpkin and they were having fun. I keep lots of boxes and a barrel in the barn so they can stay warm.
This summer we put down our chessy amber rip and blue beta died. Finn the horse is at a great new home pulling logs and his stall is now the chicken coop. The new puppy is Steve's brown lab named summer. She's part beagle. I adopted my brothers black lab/ bloodhound cross 10 yr old Lilly. I raised my 3 buff rocks Gloria, Melody, and Vicky they are just about full size but not laying yet. I'm getting ready to start college. Johnny getting ready for preschool. Life is good :)

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