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    Jul 21, 2014
    The barred that is sick seems to have picked up some more symptoms. She drinks excessively eats less seems more unstable and has stopped eating as much lifting her she has lost weight she puffs up again with tail pointing down and poops are sinking BAD! They have been better formed when poops soon after she does eat but is watery looks more white milky at times. Her head shakes more now.. like something is on her face trying to get it off. Ive seen her look at food today from the side put her beak down and touch it like she is making sure thats where it is. she looked as if she has swelling above eyes and possibly behind the eye between earlobe. I had stopped using pig swig after three days because they said take her off.


    Her comb and face are very pail
    I have started her on goat wormer safe guard 2.5mlg? I hope thats right. I am giving stuff for cocci that also is for bacterial problems in conjunction with wormer.. is it too much or do I just have wrong stuff for her issues.
    1.Head shake like she has something on face trying to get it off.
    2.droopy tail.
    3.ruffled feathers
    4.pail comb face.
    6.under weight.
    7.drinks accessivly.
    8.watery poop
    9.green.. but ive been feeding greens so she will eat.
    10. Milky stinky poop today.

    She was doing better a day before the shake poop stopped stinking.
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