Back from??? Where was she?


11 Years
Aug 14, 2008
Semora NC
I just went outside and one of my RIR hens that I haven't seen in weeks was there. I thought a hawk had got her or something. I found one hen dead in the coop about 3 weeks ago and the other one just dissapeared about a week before that. I didn't see any babies, and her comb looked a little pale. She doesn't look skinny though. I don't know where she could've been. Strange. Any thoughts?
Does anyone else in the area keep chickens? She could have mixed in with someone else's flock for a while, then wandered back.

A leghorn rooster showed up and stayed with us for a month or two, then one day flew over the fence and continued on his way.
No one for about a mile and a half. I looked a little closer and she has what looks like a healed wound on the front of her neck. I wonder if she's been somewhere recovering from an attack of some sort. IDK, but I'm happy she's back.

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