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12 Years
Mar 17, 2011
Small Town, Virginia
Our babies are NOT outside yet, so they are not getting any grit (can't find anything that doesn't have Oyster shell in it) right now. They are still in the brooder which is getting smaller everyday.

So, what snacks besides eggs and yogurt can they have WITHOUT grit??

I was thinking maybe some strawberries or biscuits or something along that line. But what else. I did look a the list of items they can have, but it really doesn't say which one REQUIRE grit.
I will have to look, but I think it is play sand. I think it is a bag that we had left over from something, can't remember why we had it now. Hubby uses it for his butt (cigerette) bucket. We have a little left in the bag, I will see if there is a label still on it.

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