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    Jan 4, 2009
    I have been kicking this sex-link thing around.... please bear with me and feel free to correct anything that I, the self proclaimed amateur geneticist, have wrong with my theory.... here goes. Last fall '08 I set up 2 individual flocks for a test. The first flock included 4 white leghorn pullets from my own white leghorn and a "show quality" 1 year old RIR rooster. The second flock consisted of 4 white rock pullets again from my own stock and a RIR rooster clutchmate to the first rooster equally as nice.
    ......follow me so far.....
    Now what will the outcome be ....I don't have a clue but I set 12 white and 12 brown eggs this morning...and we wait.

    It will be interesting to see the hatch and then the resulting production from the new pullets.

    Any Ideas....Am I crazy, wasting time and valuable space. Or will I have uncovered the previously overlooked........We shall see....
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    Oct 25, 2007
    Way to go it looks like you will get what your trying to get.
    The little roos will be yellow, and the little pullets will be reddish, at hatch. Your eggs from your pullets will be nice large brown from your brown eggs you set. And the eggs will be large lighter brown from your white eggs you set.
    Keep us posted on your chicks when they hatch.
    And your growing stock, your roos should be white with red shoulders. Your pullets will be red with white under and tail feathers.
    Best of luck on your hatch.

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