back with more quails!


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Aug 25, 2013
Brisbane, Australia
ill start off totally blaming this forum for me getting more of these adorable little flufflings!!! i went to a local breeder today and purchased 10 (which somehow turned into 11 chicks once they were in the pen!!). so here are some pics of the little dears! girls are being kept for eggyweggs and the boys can live for a few months until we decide who's for dinner.

look at all the babies! see!! only 10 in this pic!!!! one of them is magic. we havent decided who.

flapping about enjoying the space

in Miss Olivers nesting space...

uh oh... shes noticed!!

i know these arent great pics but we have one pharoah brown, one tuxedo, one tibetian and the rest are either fawn or golden? im unsure what they are supposed to be called..

and are goldens sexed like you would with standards? the reddish breast and no spots? the standard we have has spots but is getting a reddish undercolour to the breast, should i call this one male?

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