Back Yard Chickens in Rock Island, IL (coming soon, hopefully!)

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6 Years
Mar 25, 2013
Rock Island, IL

I am part of a growing area in Illinois near the Iowa boarder refered to as the Quad Cities. Some of the surrounding cities DO allow chickens, however, Rock Island does not! :(

I am working on a campaign to free the chickens in Rock Island & appreciate all the support and help I can get!!

I have two Facebook pages set up, one just a page & another a group page so that I can post documents I am emailing and receiving.

Please like & share the page or feel free to contact me directly!!

[email protected]!/groups/729256323756926/


Hi, there!

We are considering moving to the quad-cities area, and I was curious if you know what towns we are allowed to keep chickens in? We would hopefully have no more than a 30 minute commute into Davenport for work, and I would really like to keep our hens.

Also, are there areas where perhaps the ordinances don't allow chickens, but urban farming is fairly welcomed? I'm not totally against "stealth chickens" (though it is not my preference), but I don't want to piss off new neighbors, either!

Thanks so much for your help. :)
Thank you so much!

I have been trying to sort out the city codes, and they are so strange out there. From what I can tell, Silvis and East Moline allow chickens. Are there other towns that already permit chickens? We are trying to figure out where we can move with our adult birds and not "ruffle too many feathers" -- Ha!
Maybe try milan or coal valley outskirts. I am in henry county taxes are way lower I live by orion in a unincorperated town but have about an acre. It takes my husband 30 to 35 min from our door to Deere.

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