Backyard chicken coop advice sought. NJ here.


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May 27, 2009
Hi all,

I live in a suburban setting with a little over a quarter acre of property. I would like to have anywhere between 2-6 hens and am not sure if I am going to try and build a coop, or find an affordable pre-built coop/run.

I live in NJ, any advice on where to find coops for sale locally?

Also, does anyone know about this particular coop or seller?

Is there a Craigslist for your area? That's always a good source for little buildings/small sheds/old children's playhouses - all good for coops. I've never heard of that seller but that sure is a good price for the coop.
Personally I'd be cautious about buying any coop I didn't inspect myself. You'd probably be able to find a local contractor who could build one for you at about that price and then you'd have some control over the design aspects. I built my own which is similar in the basic design concept of what you're looking at. Although it took some time and energy investment, my coop is rock solid and I know it will last. Take a look at my home page for pics.
Hey all,

Thanks for the advice, I appreciate everyone's input!

Simplyforties: good advice, I've actually been checking CL for the last few weeks.

JJG: good advice as well. I've been looking at the eglu but I get the feeling it's so small that i'd have to limit myself to maybe two?

Mike: LOVE your coop!!! I actually came across your page on here when looking at various coops. I love that style and while I'm not the most handy, I'm also able to complete tasks like these if I really try. Did you have any plans that you used? anything to share? if I were to build one I'd like it to mimic yours.

RChicks: That's a good idea as well. I've actually considered that route as well.

We have tried three different coop styles so far (you may as well know now that you will never be able to stay with just a few chickens, LOL!) -- and we put the first one on my website here:

(there are two parts to the article - - more pics in the second part)

The third one we just modified from a kids playhouse (8 x 10), and it is my favorite one yet. We kept the front porch for the chickens (covered with hardware cloth), and added a covered run. Works great, and it was the least labor-intensive.

More room is generally better, as this gives the chickens a place to stay in poor weather. Good luck with your project, and feel free to PM me or e-mail me through my website if you have questions. The folks on this website are a great resource too!
Ok, what part of NJ? I was born and raised in Cumberland County. I know there are stock sales in the Elmer area and I'm sure there are in other areas as well.

ETA--check your county extension office for 4H. They will know folks with chickens and maybe find someone who can help you build one.
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I didn't use any plans. I just had an idea of what I wanted based on pictures I saw of other coops on this website. I kept the footprint a inch or so under 4' x 8' so that I would not have a lot of waste material. My best friends during the whole process were my chop saw and the Kreg jig. It really wasn't that challenging, it just took a lot of time. But I live in the Pacific Northwest so my construction days were limited to dry days off only. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions... I'd be happy to help out if I can.

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