Backyard chicken owner in North Dakota


Jul 5, 2022
Southeast North Dakota
I have 22 chickens and got them during the COVID pandemic when everything seemed uncertain. Now I love them and I add to my flock. I recently ordered eggs from ebay to give in and let my cochin bantam hatch. She did and I really need help identifying them. She hatched four of the six eggs. Three of the four are roosters (hopefully the fourth is not!) I sold my last rooster because was attacking us (me, my husband and my dogs) and was very hard on my hens. He was beautiful though.
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Not all roosters are mean, in fact some are as docile as hens. I hope you'll be lucky enough to get a good natured one this time.
Can you post some pictures of your chicks?
I am sure that some are fine. I know that they are very defensive and help hens to stay safe. I know I don't need three roosters for 19 hens though. These are the two Appenzeller Spitzhaubens or Sebrights. I can't find anything like them ona search. Their legs are grey and they look like they are plastic and their nails are yellow. They are very agile and will fly up and sit on anything. They don't like to be handled, but they are friendly enough. Peter Lorre is 10 weeks old tomorrow and has already been crowing away for a few weeks now and recently is trying to mate with my hens. He is a very early bloomer. He has a much bigger comb than Yul Brynner, but they were hatched a day apart.


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