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    We've separated off three pens of breeding birds to sell eggs from. Prices will be $60 per dozen this spring. Buyer pays shipping.

    My breeding pens will be no more than 4 hens and a cock, but I try to keep it to either a trio or a breeding quad. This helps with fertility, as well as to better manage pedigrees.

    My personal breeding program goal, is my only goal. That means the buyer's will either buy what I have to offer, or they'll pass. The way it is looking this year, all of my pens will be cross color mated.

    There will be a pen of White Cornish females, being mated to a Dark Cornish cock, a pen of Blue Laced Red, and Dark Cornish females being mated to a White Cornish cock, and a 3rd pen that will have White Cornish females being mated to a F1 White Cornish/ Cornish Rock cock. Buyer gets to pick/ choose and mix/ match. To get into more specifics with breeding pens and projected colors to result- can be made at a later time.

    My birds typically start laying late March, but I won't ship any eggs until they're laying good. This is usually mid to late April. We wrap each egg individually, as well as plenty of packing in the box. Eggs are shipped using flat rate postage, and we tend to ship out towards the beginning of the week the freshest eggs we have. A dozen eggs per box pretty much will fill it up. I compile a list of interested people, and when it's time to start shipping I work my way through the list. Anyone not responding will be put at the bottom of the list, or taken completely off of it.

    As with any shipped hatching eggs, there is no guarentee, however we do the best pre-shipping managment we can- to ensure that if everything is followed through on your part- you will have a successful hatch rate. This has worked extremely well in the past both for us and buyers.
    Dark Cornish Cock with some white hens in the background!

    Dark Cornish Cock with a Blue Laced Red hen

    Any other questions?

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