Backyard forest fires

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Crossing the Road
9 Years
Feb 12, 2013
Eastern WA
We have a forest fire 20 miles from my house, so there were many firefighters near by our area, and we have many helicopters in the area using our lake for air drops. Yesterday I heard sirens in our area, I said to my husband I want to go see if I can tell where they are headed (north or south of the valley) and when I walked over to the coop and looked at the hill beyond, I saw billowing smoke. We had the phones turned off and didn't know it was level 3. (The fire was less than 1 mile away.) We packed all our things in the van and were ready to flee, but all forces came and put out the fire, with in an hr. They had someone stay overnight to make sure. I would not have been able to pack all the chicken since they were running the yard. The only one packed was my white NN/Frizzle.

I am not going to give lessons on how to survive, you can look up better tips I can give. But my advice, be more prepared than me.
(house below is neighbor 2 houses away.)


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