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  1. Hoping someone can help me with a question here.I am in a group for parents of children with disabilities, a parent told us that she gives her child a drink with several raw eggs in it a day.When someone questioned her about the safety of that practice she stated that someone at the whole foods store told her it was fine to do, they told her to put the egg in water and if it floats then its has bacteria and if it sinks then its fine.Can someone please enlighten me on this subject.
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    If an egg floats, it is simply that it is old. The older an egg is, the more it will tip vertically and then float. Fresh eggs will sink.

    Neither has bearing on bacteria and salmonella risks. Though I don't know that I would do anything but toss a floater.
    Salmonella with properly gathered and stored eggs from clean nests is a low risk.
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    I would be a little careful with raw eggs for children, the elderly, or people with compromised immune systems. Especially so many eggs. While it might not be a problem for one, it could be a huge problem for another.
  4. I know that was my thoughts exactly, alot of these children have compromised immune systems and that was my concern. When she was questioned about the safety she said all you have to do is wash the egg because bacteria lives on the outside shell, or organic eggs are safer, then it was the theory about putting it in water to see if it floats.I know she obviously doesn't have her facts straight but I want to have my facts straight first in case it comes up again.It probably will because it seems like these things usually do when someone thinks they have found a great idea.I try to mind my own business,
    but I don't want to see any of these kids get physically ill.
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    What has happened is that she's got it partly right, which is more difficult to talk to someone about, often, then if they have it completely wrong.

    Bacteria can indeed be inside the egg, and not just on the shell.

    Good hen care, proper egg storage, proper handling, and proper cooking are the best ways to prevent bacteria ingestion.

    Maybe you can do a search about bacteria in eggs, and print out the information from reliable sites?
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    The ijit at Whole Foods has no clue...
    Anyone with a compromised immune system shouldn't eat any egg or meat product raw!
    Betcha it's the one in Hingham too...

    Obelisk lays her egg in a clean spot, has fresh food and water...I have even eaten 6+ month old eggs and rubber eggs with no problem...

    What is the raw egg drink supposed to do for the child??
  7. Her child, like some of the others in that group has a bad gut.Inflamed colon,esphagus and stuff like that.Her feeling is that if she does a liquid diet for a while that the gut will have a chance to heal.So she decided that she would make homemade shakes and thought raw eggs were the greatest things ever.The drink consists of orange juice, honey and 3 raw eggs.She insists that if the egg is "organic cage free" then its safe to do.I know alot of people eat raw eggs but these children are not healthy and she is pushing it on these other mothers.When the other mothers were saying that they were afraid to give that to their kids she got adamant about it , insisting they try it on their kids.
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    What does "organic cage free" have to do with the saftey of the egg. It's how it's cared for. [​IMG] Personnally I can not fathom eating raw eggs and sure wouldn't push for a child to do so and one with a compromised immune system, forget it!
  9. I'm with you! These kids have too many problems to add more to their load. Adding one more thing for their body to process or to possibly have to fight off is overburdening them, they already have enough trouble fighting off viruses and adding a risk like that seems reckless.I might be over protective but I don't even let my kids eat raw cake batter or cookie dough.I get flack for that but its the way I was brought up and it still scares me. I know people do it every day but I haven't been able to get past that.
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    The easiest thing is to "yes" her to death and walk away...she's got a flea in her ear about this...and nothing's gonna change her mind.
    Instead of listening to a salesperson at a grocery store she needs to talk to the child's doctor.

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