Bacterial infections causing cancers?

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10 Years
Feb 18, 2009
I just brought my bantam brahma girl to the vet yesterday. I posted a few weeks ago about her having a prolapse. It was not a prolapse but a tumor all around her vent. I was told that surgery was not an option because after the tumor is removed there would not be enough skin left to suture her up. So, I brought her home Metacam for inflammation and pain relief. She eats and drinks normally so I did not want to put her down. She is, and has been, staying in the house with us
and goes outside once in a while during the day. The brahmas frizzle cochin "sister" also went with her as she has been very weak and acting slow. He felt around the frizzles body and said he could feel that her GI tract was also inflammed. He thought THAT might be a tumor as well. He suggested an antibiotic, force feeding, and an x-ray/blood work. I came home with the antibiotic for her for now and will see what the next couple of days bring. I did, however, have a combined stool sample sent away to see if there may be internal parasites slowly killing my frizzle girl. He did not think this was possible. I will hear the results of that tomorrow.

In all the minute mumbling their doctor did, he mentioned something about bacterial infections causing different types of cancers. Has anyone else ever heard of this? Im assuming that is why he prescribed the antibiotic for the frizzle and that at least two of my girls may have tumors?

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