Bad Bag Of Food ?


10 Years
May 25, 2009
Lake Placid FLorida
Who all uses 'Egg Maker', The Red and Yellow bag.

I got 2 bags of this for $10 each from our small local feed store about a month ago.
The food was dark brown, Not to a point that it looked BAD but just darker then the Dumor I get, it didnt smell bad and but it didnt smell fresh, I called and they said thats how it was suppose to look.
I fed em it and went on about my weeks. Now I think that it may have been whats made some of my younger ducks sick, 4 have died, One got sick but made it. Not thinking before that it might have been the feed to make em sick went back and got another bag today, The food looks Lighter and smells alot fresher and its the same kind, Looks more like what dumor does

Anyone tried this kind before and had it look like it did? is it possible I happened to get 2 bags of bad feed and killed my ducks?

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