Bad Cinnimon


Chicken Cuddler
9 Years
Oct 7, 2010
Conroe, Texas
Cinnimon is my sweet, cuddly, Partridge Silkie rooster that has girl woes.
Cinnimon was raised with 2 lovely Silkie girls Rita and Blueberry. Long story short - both girls are too busy being mommas to give him attention so he has been chasing the young pullets who are very fast. Every so often he manages to corner a girl for some cuddling.

Due to his over randy behavior it was deemed necessary for the safety of the new chicks to send him over to the bachlor pad where Peaches (Buff Silkie mix) and Q-P (black wyandotte cockeral) are currently residing. The younger boys did not appear to happy about this at all. Peaches has been whooped by Cinnimon once alteady. The boys nervously settled in.

Yesterday feeling sorry for Cinnimon and noticing Blueberry was getting restless hanging out with her 2 chicks, I decided to let them have a playdate along with Prudy (buff Silkie), Rosie (red frizzle bantam cochin), Ginger (red frizzle bantam cochin), and Boobear (black frizzle bantam cochin). Cinnimon was on cloud 9! Surrounded by pretty girls he danced for them like a happy clown and stood so tall he must have been on his tiptoes.

The younger girls have not laid their first egg yet so were not impressed. They are showing signs of getting awefully close though. Blueberry, who actually missed Cinnimon was happy to see him. She cuddled up with him and they spent the morning chatting, foraging, along with more cuddling.

The playdate went well and I was hoping that maybe this would make it a bit calmer for the boys in the bachlor pen. Cinnimon can't return to the layer group until the chicks are bigger. Well, while watching the girls play and forage in the yard I heard such a rucus from the boys pen! It sounded like Peaches was being killed! I ran over as fast as I could to find.......Cinnimon treating poor Peaches as his love toy! Oh what a Bad Cinnimon! I knocked Cinnimon off and scooped him up.

The problem is there is no extra pen available to put Cinnimon. The broody hutch is occupied by Blueberry and her 2 chicks that are recovering still from bad insect bites. Rita & Saphire have the other pen inside the layer coop with their 2 chicks. Poor Peaches....he is stuck being a love toy until I can figure out how to move my overly randy Cinnimon to a more whoopie free zone.
It must be a silkie thing. I have one who is just realizing he is a rooster and likes to chase ANYthing that gets close enough lol luckily he's still too young and small to do any damage
I did trim Cinnimon's crest, but he still treats Peaches as his love toy.
Peaches looks almost identical to Prudy. The only way to tell the 2 apart is that Peaches has a huge comb. It makes me think of the Elliot character from Open Season. Tiny deer with the huge rack. Just like Elliot, Peaches seems to have put all his growing into his huge single comb that flops over sometimes due to it's size.

Needless to say, despite this, Cinnimon only sees that Peaches looks like Prudy from behind and therefore must be the girl.

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