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I have banties/reds/leghorns and ducks........Last night when I was making cookies I cracked opened a bantie egg and it was rotten (layed on 8/27, and today is 9/9), thought it was a fluke....and then this evening (9/10) while I was washing up the duck eggs, I thought one looked really dark through the shell. I cracked it open and sure enough it was rotten too.
The eggs don't smell, they have very little white in the shell, and the yoke looks scrambled, they have one little dark spot in the end of the egg.....
The chickens and ducks are free range in a pasture with goats, they go out in the morning and we put them away at night. Not sure what is causing the eggs to be like this. Any help would be great! THANKS!!!
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Sorry to hear about the egg issue! That's crazy. If you are sure that it wasn't just eggs that were older than you thought they were(maybe hidden when collecting eggs and skipped over?) I would say it would have something to do with the diet, or maybe bacteria introduced into the egg from washing or something. We never wash our eggs for that very reason until we are ready to use them(leaving the bloom on, as it's a natural protectant) But I'm not sure as I've never had this issue. Check out this link that I found, it talks about some of the possibilities.

Hope this helps and you are able to find a solution! Good luck.
Humm, thanks for the link I'll take a look at that!
We don't wash the chicken eggs (just the duck eggs, because they are so dirty) and we check our buckets 2 times a day--but maybe-mama chicken just got off being broody-so maybe that might have something to do with it too!
We only have 5 female ducks & we get 5 eggs a day, they lay at night and we collect around 6:30 am, and they go straight in the fridge.....I'm just not sure what it could be :(

Thanks again for the link! Ill keep you updated!
Please do, I'd love to learn the reason as well. Hope everything turns out well and doesn't get worse. As long as everyone is healthy I don't think you have anything to worry about. Let me know what happens!

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