bad eggs from one chicken


Apr 24, 2014
raleigh, nc
i have one black sex link that's been laying leathery eggs that won't harden religiously. i know that would mean not enough calcium usually, but i keep oyster shell in a feeder and also grind the egg shells and put it back into the feed. no other birds are having this issue.. don't know what else to do. any ideas
It usually isn't from a calcium deficiency. Usually it's from things like stress, heat, diseases like bronchitis, and a problem in the hens system. You haven't mentioned her age. It is getting later in the season and she could be trying to shut down. There isn't anything you can do except keep stress to a minimum, keep them cool and make sure they are healthy.
thanks golden feather. it is hot as fire here in n.c. and she is in her fourth season i think. thought it might have something to do with
her age maybe

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