Bad Example For Kids

Welsummer Rancher

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Jan 2, 2011
Longview, Texas
There must be a lot of people on here with really bad marriages. So sad. I keep seeing posts like..."please don't tell my husband" or "bought chicks, wife would kill me" and such. Hiding things from a spouse not only is a recipe for disaster in a marriage, but sets a really bad example for little eyes on here. Rant over.
My hubby is for it. My credit card company froze my card, because I had a out of state charge for over one hundred dollars. They wanted to be safe. I only noticed because my card got rejected getting a star bucks. My hubby then calls " yea well bank called something about a hatchery , but your good now they unfroze your card " hehe. I thought I would get busted but he's ok with it. Most people are kidding I am sure. Its kinda like kid caught with his hand in cookie jar. Ewwww. Your in trouble..
We are only human and we all have faults,if the worse thing my husband did was hide a few items once in awhile I would not mind.
Remember there are worse things people in a relationship can do,alot worse.
I learned as a child if you are hiding it or making excuses for it you probably should not be doing it. With my wife and I we veiw it as a respect thing for each other, but sometimes we do it but it never lasts long we feel guilty and tell sooner or later.
Most of the comments are tongue-in-cheek. I married a 'partner' not a parent. My husband can pout and he can be upset for what I do, but he most definitely does not get to tell me what I can and cannot do. He is my partner not my parent. AND it goes both ways.
Never would I ever try telling him that he has gone hunting enough, or that he does not get to buy this or that for hunting, or restoring his tractor- or that he is forbidden from getting such and such for his truck. Im his wife, not his boss, not his mother.
We both have things that we enjoy. We talk about things, and big-ticket items that we want are discussed. Both of us are adults and have grown and semi-grown and semi-teen children. There are comments I make, like "Im bringing my husband because I need adult supervision- and- don't tell my husband, he won't notice". Those are jokes.
AND- if children are basing their life decisions on comments read here on BYC, how wonderful is that when there is an internet full of smut they could be reading. AND, don't discount the life influences they have-in REAL life- to learn, to grow, and to teach them how to make decisions.
Well said.

And as they say in the classroom - these are teachable moments for children.
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I support my husband's hobby and he supports mine sometimes he will buy something for his hobby and tell my after the fact. I don't care it makes him happy. Just like he has built me a chicken pen and new coop and even made my raised garden beds, this year he is enlarging my garden and will even help with the planting ect for my garden why because it makes me happy. I think this is what kids really see mom and dad supporting each other likes and hobbies that the best we can show our children. The worst thing I did was look in my husband's wallet while he was sleeping I needed his bank card he was not upset but I don't like doing things like that but sometimes it happens.

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