Bad hatch and wet but dry chick

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    Jan 11, 2010
    I had 6 eggs that went into lockdown Friday night. Nothing happened until Monday, I had three hatch out total. The last one hatched Tuesday morning and it is the fluffiest cutest chick ever. The first to hatch still looks just hatched, his down is all stuck together and to make it worse he is a turken! He is almost totally bald because most of the stuck down fell off his belly and wing areas. Will he eventually fluff out or should I wash him with some warm water and blow dry him? Why does he look like this? Otherwise he seems pretty normal other than wanting to be under the light alot (I don't blame him).
    The second chick that hatched had a ton of gunk in his egg and alot (I mean alot) of reddish brown liquid in his egg, it stunk and puddled up in the bottom of the incubator. It seemed fine yesterday and was getting fluffy and was moving around well but he was dead this morning still in the incubator. I wonder what was wrong with him. Anyone seen this before?
    I took the two live chicks out the incubator this morning and have them in a box with food and water and they seem to be doing well. I don't get why my hatch rate was so poor, I hatched before back in November and all my eggs hatched (5 chickens and 2 ducks). Last time I used a little giant still air and this time I am using an old hovabator that I think has a fan in it. Both times I hand turned the eggs. All 6 eggs were from the same hen and they were all moving Saturday and Sunday. I don't measure my humidity, just fill a couple water spots so maybe the humidity was to high or something? The other 3 eggs never even pipped so I don't know. I will do eggtopsys tomorrow when I clean the bator.
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    Mar 30, 2011
    What day are the chicks at? I can't help you with the wet chick problem, but I would wait before doing "eggtopsies" on the other eggs. I personally would want to wait another day just to make sure they weren't alive.
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    do you think the turken was shrink wrapped and that's why he looks wet and his down fell out. Photo would be beneficial. I think the chick with all the rotten gunk got infected from it- maybe it was meant to be two chicks and one died earlier . Sorry - what a bummer when you hope to see nice fluffy, healthy chicks.
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    There are so many variables involved, it's very hard to figure out what could have gone wrong. I've posted a link to a chart with incubation problems and causes. Hope this helps.

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