Bad Hatch Troubleshooting


Jan 28, 2011
Easternshore of Maryland
Over the weekend I had my Coturnix Quail eggs hatch. Out of 30 eggs, I had only 4 hatch! I had 12 in my Brinsea mini advance, that is what the 4 that hatched came from. And the other 18 in my Little Giant Still Air incubator, with no hatch. My Brinsea usually gives me awesome hatches, my last hatch of call duck eggs I got 4 out of 5! And they were shipped eggs. These eggs were also shipped but from within my state and I got them the next day and it was the most awesome packing job! My temp and humidity were perfect the whole time in the Brinsea, but on hatch day the power did go out for about an hour. It made them temp go down to 88 degrees and the humidity dropped a little. The Little Giant had fairly steady temp and humidity throughout, but I did have one day when my DH decided to turn off our AC and open all the windows and the temp spiked to 103. And on the hatch day the temp dropped in the low 90's when the power went off, I also had a hard time getting the humidity up on hatch day in it only getting to about 45% humidity. The seller will send me more eggs, just the cost of shipping, but before I do I just want to figure out what I did wrong first! But here is a pic of the 4 little cuties that did hatch! Meet Eenie, Meanie, Minie, and Mo!

I am sorry you had a poor hatch , it could have been all the temp issues or maybe somone at the post office somewhere shook the poor things up some times we never know. But I wanted to tank you for your shareing the picture those are some super super cute babies. I want to get back into quail but all the people that sold qauil eggs on here back in the day arnt around or dont anymore

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