Bad Penny


Apr 12, 2017
This is my EE Penny. She is a naughty chicken, impossible to catch and she likes to fly over the coop fence. But like a bad penny, she always turns up. I originally thought she was a roo, then a pullet, now, not sure but possibly a pullet with a male attitude. She is bossy! So, rooster or pullet?

Its body doesn't look very rooish to me but with a comb that red/big at 9 weeks I'll have to go with cockerel.

Good call Chicken Girl1. About a week after you posted that, "Penny" started to crow. He still hasn't gotten it down, but it is adorable. And he is still being bad and now he has taught a couple of my ISA girls how to get out of the fence too.
Thanks for letting me know! Phew, glad I'm telling the truth to people :lol:. But aren't cockerels trying to crow adorable? I had one that sounded like a broken squeaky toy:lau and I had another boy teach half of the flock to get over our fence as well.

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