Bad Smell In Bator, Can"t Find The Bad Egg?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by chrystalduck, May 13, 2011.

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    I am on day 12. I went to turn eggs this morning and I noticed a funky smell in the bator. I went ahead and candled again. I found 5 eggs that had died since my first candling. I ugg sniffed each one of these 5, they didn't smell. The rest of the eggs I candled looked fine, I even sniffed each one after I candled. I know that is a lot of sniffing. They smelled fine too. Any thoughts on the funky smell in the bator? Could it be the 5 I removed only smelled in the warm moist environment of the bator? This is a first for me, I can usually find the smelly egg right away. DH says I must have been a blood hound in a former life [​IMG]

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    It can pick up an odor if you didn't thoroughly clean it out after a previous hatch.

    Eggs that quit can still sweat a little, even if they aren't awfully bad yet.

    I'm dealing with it too, I had one that was actually bad and it oozed. I'm thinking about pulling the eggs out the night before lockdown, rinsing the bottom in warm water, cleaning the water tray, and then putting them into lock down. I'll have a basket lined with towels ready, so I can cover the eggs over so they can retain some heat while I work. And work fast, too.
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    Apr 14, 2011
    That sounds like a good idea, I may try that. My bator has been going nonstop. I always clean it with antibacterial soap between hatches.
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    I use the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution instead of plain water in my humidity trays----works for me, been doing it for years now.

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