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Apr 30, 2011
One of our Favarolles roos has a toe that's turned under... can I splint it? correct it? I have extensive metalworking skills in minurature and was thinking of making a splint the length of the metatarsus conected to a flexable plastic piece for the toe so's to keep it extended for enough time to straighten' out.
Our chicks are five weeks this thurs.

Any thoughts?

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I'm going to include a link that includes ways of treating crooked toes. Your idea sounds great. I think it is probably going to have to be straightened gradually because of the chick's age. These things are usually corrected much earlier than 5 weeks when the skeleton and joints are really pliable. I think you could fix this if you have the time and patience (extensive skills in metal working miniatures is also a great plus

Good luck.
Thanks CMV!, for the link to the podietry page... thats an extensive page I'm sure I can use.....

As for "what" I finally used for the splint, I went with kydex. Its a heat formed plastic that cuts and sands really well. Not only is it curved, but also "cupped" so that its not flat where it meets the metatarsal and toe but cupped a little so's to fit better.

So here is my "kydex" foot correction device:


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Wow! Beautiful work. Were you able to get the toe fully extended? How is the chick managing with it? Can it walk alright?
Hey CMV, he's doing fine with it and it seems not to bother or hinder him at all. The others were mildly curious (as chickens are...) at first when we put him back in the coop but thats all. I didn't extend it fully yet: I plan on reorienting (reheating and straightening the splint some) in a week so's not to have to bend it so sharply this first time. It took considerable force to straighten the toe fully, so I'm thinking I'll do it half way for a week or so and then take the splint off and see what's up with said toe ... or should I have gone for straight to begin with?
No, I think you are doing it better by straightening it a bit at a time. If it were younger then I would have extended it fully, but at this age I think it may take some time to get the toe where it belongs. I would fear that the tendons/ligaments could get torn or pulled away from their moorings if the toe is forced too much into an "unnatural" position (since its natural position is what you are trying to fix).

You've done some fine work. Keep us posted on the results.

Good luck.
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