Bad week for my chickens all around

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    This week I lost two hens to predators after losing my rooster to a dog last week. I have two Broodies at the moment. One hen was hatching out eggs and left the nest with the first chick, abandoning eggs that were wiggling and one that had pipped. So I put them under the other broodie. What I didn't realize was hens were still laying their eggs in the nest with her. She ended up with too many eggs and I found one smothered chick and a pip that had gotten too cold. She did hatch one out successfully so I took away all the eggs but one that remained which should be about to hatch. Now I have around 20 eggs under a heat lamp. Ideas? I would really like to replace some of the population that I lost and would like to hatch out all the eggs that were fertilized by my late rooster.
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    Sorry for your losses :hugs

    You should get an incubator or borrow one from someone. You can get a cheap one at Tractor Supply for $40 without a turner. A heat lamp won't be a reliabe way to hatch the eggs. You won't be able to control temperature or humidity which are both really important. You have up to three weeks after the death of your rooster to collect and hatch eggs before they are no longer fertile.

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