Baffling query-chicken not eating

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    Sep 22, 2013
    Banffshire, Scotland
    Bracken (3yr old golden laced orpington bantam) I rescued her 2 years ago from a breeder from being a sunday lunch has stopped eating. I have checked all the usual things - her poop is fine - she doesn't seem to have sour crop and is walking around with her best friend 'Dottie' ok. She stopped laying over a month ago but doesn't seem to have egg pirinitus-she's not swollen at all. We are having to feed her by syringe every morning and night to get food into her and it goes down fine and is gone in the morning. She seems healthy in herself - apart from when I pick her up. She seems to be in pain just when I pick her up and put her down. She didn't used to be. What could cause her to be in pain like this? and is there anything I can do? the vets don't do x-rays on chickens so no use there. I live in Scotland. Any ideas please?

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