Bait my empty coop to check how predetor proof it is?


5 Years
Dec 3, 2014
I'm so worried about this. I have 1/2" hardware cloth everywhere that I can see and I have it screwed in but I'm worried I'll move my chickens in and find them dead a week later from a hole I missed. I was thinking of baiting the coop with something yummy inside to see if anything can get in to get it a week before the chickens go in.

Is this a bad idea? Am I just advertising "this is a meal spot"?
My wife and I are having similar questions. I have done everything to make our coop as secure as possible. We have a lot of feral cats, opossums, racoons, stray dogs and hawks. I just wonder if there is something i might have missed. Curious to see if anyone has any great tips to check things out.
Funny, none of these predators has the intelligence or strength of a human.

Why don't you just pretend to be starving and get in...

I know I can't "break" into my coop or run, and I sleep well knowing so.

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