baking's delicious with organic eggs


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Aug 13, 2011
im making a blueberry lemon layer cake for my little girl who just turned 1! i gotta say, i can really taste and see the difference in organic eggs versus the ones purchased from the store. i will never buy eggs again and ... oh and yes, i think im gonna buy more hens...
I've known several people who claim that farm-fresh eggs are the ONLY ones to use for baking, particularly in cakes. I've tried not to test that theory, since neither DH nor I need to eat cake, and we're the only ones here, so I give my extra eggs to other cake bakers!
I too am a recently-converted Egg Snob.

I never order eggs at restaurants anymore - they pale (literally & taste) by comparison to my "homegrown".

And when I cook I can definitely see & taste a difference.
A friend gave me a recipe I tasted at his house - a cornbread casserole with an egg-based sauce.
His was a creamy white sauce, when I made it at home my sauce was bright yellow!
I've also won several baking "contests" at my office using my eggs

OP: Happy Birthday to your little girl!
& yes, perfect reason to get more hens
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Home grown eggs are definitely superior in taste and texture to store bought. You'll not find anyone who has tasted both who will disagree with that.

However, comparing home grown organic to store bought isn't really proof that organic eggs are better tasting than regular home grown eggs. You'd have to do a blind taste test between home grown organic and home grown regular in order to claim that the organic taste better when organic is the only difference.

I've heard of a couple of different taste tests between organic veggies and regular veggies and nobody could tell which was which. I haven't heard about it being done with eggs.

If you want to eat organic, that's fine by me, but I have my doubts about the better taste part.
IMHO it is the home grown chicken theat makes the difference. The differance in the feed and what else they eat makes the differance in the eggs.
Beleive it or not ( I was floored) my friend said she really didn't like free range eggs. Wow, I suppose it take all kinds to make the world go round. She likes the flat taste to the wow taste of the egg. Somme like it spicy and some don't. Its just a matter of taste. REALLY I think she saw my chickens eat a frog and it truned her off.
I love my eggs, and the church loves them too. I'm afraid I won't be able to give them to the pantry to much longer.
It will be against the law.

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