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    30 hens in the flock all different breeds. Came home to a white leghorn sitting on the ground with her head and tail down. I grabbed her which I was surprised I could catch her and washed off her poopy back side. She had very lire feathers left on her whole rump and her vent seemed to be ruptured for lack of a better term. Almost like a big pink ball of skin coming out of her guts.
    After I washed her off she got worse she started to convulse and dry heave. It was not pretty. She layed on the ground dry heaving with her eyes closed. I put her out of her misery. What did she have? What caused it?
    Was I too hasty? Do you need a pic? I didn't want to get morbid
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    Sorry you came home to that...[​IMG]. What you describe sounds like a vent prolapse that possibly had been pecked out by the other birds. I think you did the right thing in view of the labored breathing and convulsions.
    When chickens lay eggs sometimes they push some of the vent out. Usually, if you catch it in time, it can be re-inserted and after a resting period the hen will start to lay again. However, if the other birds notice first, they will peck and pluck and can disembowel a flock mate quickly.

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