bald eagles preditors?

bj taylor

8 Years
Oct 28, 2011
North Central Texas
i'm anxiously awaiting my first chicks first wk in feb. yesterday i saw a pair of bald eagles fly over low. never seen them here before in all my years. wondering if they're potential predator threat.
I personaly only seen bald eagles flying very high and never had prob with them... I heard most of there diet is fish the prob wont attack chickens unless there desperate. You should always keep an eye out to be on safe side.
Absolutely they are a threat to your chickens. We have a mated pair locally here that come sit in my trees and stare at my birds, and then glare at me for not letting them out of their covered runs. There was a story in our local paper about one of them eating a womans hen right in front of her in her back yard last year...

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