Bald Rear End

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7 Years
May 14, 2012
Hi, I new to raising chickens. I have 6 chicks. 1 of my chicks (Roede Island Red) has a bald butt. We try to keep it clean as much as we can. Today it started to bleed a little. Not bad. The chick keeps pecking at its rear end and so does the other ones. Just trying to keep the butt clean. Poop does come out and it looks fine. Just wondering what this is. Thanks for your help.
I dont really know why it would be bald but maybe you should put some blue kote on it or something such as that to keep the other chicks or chickens from bothering it. It will give it a chance for the feathers to grow in without the others picking at it.
Put petroleum jelly on it. I know that sounds weird but it will sooth the area. I've been raising chicks for years (i'm 27 and chicks were my responsibility from 6 years old on up) It happens to some chicks. Usually it's due to poop sticking to the feathers on the butt. The chick pecks at it to rid its self from that pain, Then after words it begins to itch because of the irritation.

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