Bald spot on the underside of my Barred Rocks


7 Years
Aug 17, 2012
Aiken, SC
I'm a newbie, so don't know what is going on here. I have two Barred Rocks that have recently developed bald spots on their undersides. Anyone know what/why? My third Barred Rock has not developed this and my three Golden Comets are fine, as well. They are laying regularly and don't seem to be sick.

I tried to get a photo -

Thanks for any help/advice!
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A little hard to tell by the pic. But if it is their belly area underneath them they will do that when they get broody. Pulling their own feathers out. If it is back by the vent it could be vent picking by other chickens. i would say the broody option.

Could it be mites? The lady at the feed store told me to treat everything, including the hens with sevin dust. She said everyone in our area was having trouble. Is that safe?

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