Bald top of Body on Barred Rock pullet...any help??????

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8 Years
Apr 7, 2012
Elizabeth, CO
So I recently got a barred rock pullet who is 6 weeks old. My first major mistake was sticking her in immediately in with my Orpingtons.....lesson learned and then some!!!! i noticed later that her body like under her wings but mostly on the top portion was completely void of feathers and around her anus. she has the feather bases but they look broken off and some of the feathers on her wings are partially broken. My first thought was lack of protein so i have been giving her crushed hard boiled eggs and yogurt then i panicked after thought i felt something crawling on me after spot cleaning the coop and immediately treated everyone with sevin and gutted the coop and treated that and the run with fresh top soil over that. I will say that after inspecting each bird i did not see a mite or lice nor i have i seen any in the coop but that crawling feeling after spot cleaning...eeek!! am i barking up the right tree or is there something else i should be doing or looking for? the chick seems healthy otherwise she is active and eating well. The only other thing i have noticed is that each day after my son goes to sleep i go up to the coop and check on everyone. recently, in the run there might be 6-7 orpington feathers scattered in their dust bath area which is something i have not seen before the orpingtons are huge and healthy they are 8 weeks old. Thanks for any advice in advance!!
no i don't think i have a rooster. all signs point to hens. but i think at 8 weeks its can be difficult to accurately tell for sure. i am slightly more sure that the barred rock is a hen cause she is very very dark colored with thin white lines and black on the front of her legs. I have sat up there for hours and have never seen anyone peck at each other. I also have a video camera in the coop and have never seen any naughty behavior.
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