Balding chicken and I don' t think it's mites, lice or molting!!

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My BSL hen has been progressively getting more and more bald over the past few months (I believe she's about 2). She is the favourite hen of my roo, but her feathers did not seem to start to grow back when I separated her from him for a couple weeks. She is bald on the back of her neck, her back, the tops of her wings and a large area around her vent. The bald areas do not look sore, but do not show regrowth and she hasn't even slowed down on laying eggs. Also, the coop is full of DE and I have seen her dust bath in it, as they all do from time to time. None of the other hens have this.

I wonder if the back and neck feathers are from the rooster's affections and the vent feathers are from her because I did see her pick at herself one day before she went and laid her egg.

Any ideas??? She's very sweet but UGLY!!
Well, the rooster, as you have figured out, is too rough with her. And once a chicken looks different, sometimes the others join in and pull the feathers as well. They make these things called chicken aprons, and they will at least protect her back, but they don't cover everything. Maybe you could separate her and put a buddy with her so she won't be lonely, and then, if you have patience, her feathers will more than likely grow back. (If the quills are still in, they won't grow back until the next molt though.)

Now, feathers are made up mostly of protein, so a higher protein diet would be good for her.....maybe you could mix in some chick grower in for her. People also suggest wet cat food for extra protein, or hard boiled eggs....

Hope your hen get's her feathers back!

It's funny because I've actually had two roosters. One was really rough and actually was mean to everyone but me, so I got rid of him and this new one is very nice, but still LOVES her! I did separate her with a mate for a couple weeks and they were fine, but there was no sign of regrowth and she loves to go outside (which my second pen doesn't have access to) so I relented and let her out.

I'll try that again, but with chick grower and maybe some salmon and see what happens.

Thanks a bunch!
My hen is going bald ! losing feathers on her head neck and front chest. I have no rooster. Looks like she wont grow her feathers back ! Any way I can make her beautiful again ?
In this heat they might not grow back right away, I got a hen from someone in june, that was missing neck and back feathers from the roos of its last home while I can clearly see the neck feathers have filled in and some growth on the back, it seems to be a long process for new feathers to grow back where they have been pulled out instead of falling out naturally, all I can advise is patience, or maybe I'm wrong, I'm new to chickens too, maybe after the molt they will grow back naturally. my best guess

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