BAMA/mottled . What color will he Be? UPDATE on color


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Nov 14, 2007
As many of you Orp followers may have read the other day, Bama is moulting. If you remember my project saga the black and white mother hen moulted out black with a few white feathers left on her wings. She is in a moult too so I am watching to see if she gets the white back. Bama appears to be getting more black feathers again. Here is a picture of him before Moult

Here he is in moult and you can see more black coming in.



I don't know how he will end up but he has more white than his mother did. Doesn't seem to be losing feathering around the neck and head. I will keep you posted on the progess of color change
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He will be gorgeous no matter the color. It will be interesting to see how his mother molts this year. If she will get darker or lighter again.
Ewe, you think more white? I don't know yet. It looks like his whte tail feathers that fell out are coming back in Black. It really is a puzzle to watch. I will take pics every few weeks and share as he makes progress. He sure is feeling frisky again. He keeps his comb beat up bumping into the fence trying to spar with Willie
His hackle feathers appear to be not changing, correct?

He certainly is a wonderment and eye candy! He is as striking to me as my Big Red.
So far his hackles haven't changed. Did you see the Bama chick pics in a thread below? Wondering how old your Bama chick is now. It takes up to three months sometimes before they get speckles but some of the chicks I featured in this pic look like they are getting some already. I will take pics as they grow.
Update on Molt. He is getting blacker by the day. I hope he doesn't turn completely black. I wish I could understand this gene. I have never heard of one getting darker instead of lighter. It must be the backwards gene. His hackle feathers are coming out as you can see in these pics taken today and black feathers are appearing.
Tadkerson: do you have any comments on this?




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