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    honestly, i am NOT a fan of it, but i NEED to do it... i plan on becoming NPIP and it comes with the territory... when i moved from NY to VA over 2 yrs ago, i was required to have my birds tested for both AI and pullorum -- tests were clean ... while i respect the people who banded the birds, they did not have the proper sized bands for the birds (silkies, peas and geese) and most of the bands have either fallen off or have been removed by me (digging into the legs or just about to fall off on their own anyway)...

    from those of you who DO band your peas, i would really like to know what your band of choice is and WHY?...

    i would like it to be a one-time thing (permanent), but i would also like it to be as COMFORTABLE and SAFE for the birds as is humanely possible...while price may play a factor, i would REALLY appreciate feedback and sources for the bands

    and thank you... while i may have disappeared for a while, i hope to back more frequently...

    -- john
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    Wow, glad to hear they let you out!

    We had to band all the birds the first two years we were tested, but surprisingly they didn't require it this time. I have almost all my birds banded with semi-permanient butt bands except for a few that are low end birds and for sale. We are now using both wing bands and leg butt bands hoping that between the three of them at least one will be left when we need them.




    We order our bands from National Band and get size #22 for peahens and #24 for peacocks.
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    they have to CATCH me before they can let me out!! LOL

    Bill, thank you for the info .. while i've spoken with them at NATBAND, they were unsure of how to steer me -- i ADMIRE their honesty and plan on ordering from them, and fwiw, i think that they would appreciate hearing from people like you to help them guide people like me.... i see that we can them personalized from your band [​IMG]--- i need to be careful with my request [​IMG] as i ain't 'quite right' [​IMG] ...

    ..when i first read 'butt band'. all i was thinking was, "HOW????"..... thank you again and kind regards, john
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    You are welcome!
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    When speaking with National Band, if you need a reference for sizes on leg, wing bands etc...tell them to look up Bobs Green Peafowl. Be advised, from my observations, the tool for the leg bands in @KsKingBee pics is a waste of money and not needed.

    Gerald Barker
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    They told me they don't even make a tool for the #24, only up to the #22 and that most people will just use a pair of waterpump pliers or their hands. That being said, I really like the pliers I bought and use them every time for both sizes.
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    Johnskoi, glad to see you back!!!

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