Banding Questions?


8 Years
Jul 18, 2011
Southwestern Ontario Canada
Just looked up banding.. I will need to do this soon...
#4 to #14 ?????
I was going to order online, but, the choices seem a bit too much!

I will be checked the feed store tonight and got the wrong ones (too small). I will bring them back next week with the feed run.

Will I need to order one of each size in each colour I need?
How do others do the banding thing?
I assume you get different sizes and change them at regular intervals?
Any advice?

You do have to watch them as they grow and replace the zip ties as needed. They will get too tight and need to be taken off and replaced if put on a bird that isn't already fully grown. They need to fit loosely but not so loose that they'll get them off. The same is true of all leg bands. Some websites that sell bands have a chart showing how big each size is.
I did put them on pullets and cut them off when they began to tighten (well, well before that, actually).

Once they are grown, of course, tightening isn't an issue.

Yes, we have colored plastic ties. Blue, pink, green, etc. Hey, it's California, gotta get our color on. :)

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